Packaging industry

Packaging materials like boxes, bottles and trays are bulky and often require a large number of pallets and containers of various sizes during transport and storage. The cost of packaging often is a significant cost element of the total cost price.

With our packaging recovery program, we collect packaging for reuse from customers in all major European countries and industries. After customers report their empty packaging in our web portal, we collect, inspect and deliver them ready for reuse to the factory. Our plastic Smartbox provides an excellent solution for companies where packaging made from wood and metal is banned for hygiene reasons.

Our packaging recovery service ensures your packaging is optimally reused at the lowest possible total cost with minimum environmental impact. We ensure that the quality of packaging always meets the required specifications.


2Return offers:

Cost saving

Less spending on logistic resources


Less material usage, less transport


Absorb fluctuations


No process disruption, no product damage



Nachhaltiger Materialfluss mit 2Return und Rotom Deutschland

Nachhaltiger Materialfluss mit 2Return und Rotom Deutschland

2Return ermöglicht einfache Wiederverwendung von Kunststoffboxen und anderen Ladungsträgern Kunststoffboxen sind eine sinnvolle Alternative beim Transport von Waren. Den…
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Chemical industry

Chemical industry

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“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

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