2Return places a high value on sustainability. Our services focus on stimulating the reuse of packaging, optimizing packaging management and thus achieving cost savings.

Regardless of whether the items are made of wood, metal or plastic, the more a pallet or box is used, the lower the costs and the impact on the environment. As a result, raw materials and the energy required to produce these products can be limited.


In the field of sustainability, our services focus on the following subjects:

  • Encourage the reuse of packaging

Pallets with deviating dimensions are often used when standard Euro pallets do not adequately protect the goods during transport and storage. After one-time use these items are often left with the end user, because there is no need for them. 2Return encourages the return of both this customer-specific packaging and the standard pallets and boxes for reuse. By picking up the items and returning them to your production location after inspection and repair, they can be used again. By returning packaging and re-using it, a circular economy is created.

  • Extending the service life

2Return strives for a sustainable use of load carriers by using them as optimally as possible.

By retrieving them from the end users and using them again, the lifespan of pallets, boxes and plastic crates can be extended. In addition, regular inspection and preventive maintenance guarantees good quality, reducing premature recycling or destruction is prevented.

  • Encourage shared use

Standard packaging items can be re-used by other users.

After the pallets have been transported to one of the local 2Return depots, we will try to find new users close to these depots. Because the more often a pallet is used, the lower the investment in new pallets is required.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

2Return makes use of various European depots. By transporting the pallets to the nearest depot, we are able to reduce the number of transports considerably. Shorter distances mean reduced CO2 emissions, resulting in a reduced impact on the greenhouse effect. With the additional advantage of lower transport costs.

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2Return is member of the Rotom Group